Cleaning Tips
Oily Stains This includes several kinds of seed oils, salad dressings, sauces, mayonnaise, cooking oils and gravy. These stains tend to combine very readily with the oxygen in the air and once they have oxidized, it is very difficult to remove or even lighten the stains.To prevent this damage take your soiled clothes to the cleaner immediately.
Tanning Stains These stains usually come from fruit juices, coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer and others. They are not always evident, and in many cases you canít tell at first sight, but they will appear when the garment is exposed to heat in the pressing process. Unfortunately it may be too late to remove the stains by then. You should sponge these stains off lightly with cool water and then take immediately the garments to the cleaner, pointing out the incident.
Perfume Stains   The alcoholic content of perfumes and colognes will frequently cause some dyes to bleed leaving the stained area either with a faded color or a dark ring. Be careful never to apply perfumes or colognes directly to your clothing for alcohol damage is usually permanent on fabrics and can seldom be removed